September Updates

Time to add a few more tracks to the site. As ever, we’re busy on lots of different things at the same time, and never seem to make time to update the site as we go along.

The first of the three updates this time is ‘Him with  Her’  – an instant, summery ukulele-driven simple pop tune.

‘I Know the Rules acoustic ’15’, gives a new lease of life to a live stalwart from the Shortlist years (mid/late ’90s). We’ll update the archives with the original shortly…. you will hopefully enjoy this more considered approach.

Finally, the ‘final’ master of Saturation Point. Our friend Matt Nutall (MNTL) is putting the finishing touches to a remix as we write, which takes it in a completely new direction – as we’ve come to expect from Matt!

Enjoy for now….more to follow as always


Catching Up Over Christmas & New Year

Christmas and New Year has provided a little breathing space to add some more material to the ‘Very Latest’ page. We seem to have an ever increasing backlog to tidy up and post online, so there’s quite a few additions to the ‘Saturation‘ project this time. The very latest is the slightly unsettling ‘Bonfire of the Sanities‘ written in early November, with just a little influence from Guy Fawkes (in the title at least)! Others include the understated dance of ‘When You Get Back‘ from August 2014 and ‘The Girl Who Turned Me Grey‘ from 2012 (why has it taken so long for this one to appear?!). Elsewhere, there’s a heartfelt ‘One Eye‘ from New year 2014 and the foot-stomping ‘Reality (Do That Thing)‘ demo from February 2014.

We thought it was about time the dance remixes were collected together in a sister ‘Evaporation‘ project. A collection of self-remixes from Steve (‘One Eye Shut‘) and Matt Nuttall/MNTL (‘Desparadoes‘ and ‘Girl Who Turned Me Grey‘ alongside his remixes of ‘Last Chance or Nothing‘ and ‘Into Your Arms‘)… there’s also an experimental track ‘Your Black Heart‘ with a mystery guest vocalist.

Still plenty of catching up to do from 2014 (and before) –  a new studio track ‘Feel Alright‘ produced with AD Aiken will be added in early 2015 – and new ideas are never far away!

Have a prosperous 2015.


October Updates

We’re still busy writing and recording… a couple of selections we’ve added are a work in progress version of ‘Been Here Before’, currently under the watchful eye of producer AD Aiken and a demo of a track from last year called  ‘Desparadoes’ currently being mastered and remixed Matt Nuttall. You’ll find links to Matt’s previous remixes of our tracks on the ‘Latest’ page.

New Tracks – ‘Green Light’ and ‘Love In A Straight Line’

We’re not sure how often and why we’ll write posts, but if nothing else it will act as a diary for Faces Fall. More often than not, it will be the unveiling of a new track and this post we have two

Green Light

Written rapidly in April, starting out understated, with a ‘wild west’ verse riff and a melancholic building chorus. A couple of evenings  later the dance volume had been turned up and a simple catchy chorus cemented. A song about not being able to let go…


Love In A Straight Line

Started life in November 2013 – inspired by watching Johnny Marr play live at the Roundhouse – his song writing and guitar genius now complete with real front man presence! The words took a little longer, as the music was saying so much, but eventually words were weaved in and have taken control, and last night the first demo emerged.


The tracks have been added to the Very Latest page. Candidates for Saturation – the next  official release

Up and Running

The new site is taking shape after finally deciding on a theme. I think it’s low key, dark and distant enough for us. A few early gems on there to whet the appetite. Lot’s more to come in the next few days – hopefully a few photos to bring our story to life.


Welcome to the FacesFall site – a home for our musical output spanning three decades. There’s lots to share and lots of time to do it, so as we work through our archives over time we’ll reveal our audio gems and the thoughts behind them. Of course, the world doesn’t stand still and we are still creating, so new exciting tracks will appear as we produce them

We look forward to your company