September Updates

Time to add a few more tracks to the site. As ever, we’re busy on lots of different things at the same time, and never seem to make time to update the site as we go along.

The first of the three updates this time is ‘Him with  Her’  – an instant, summery ukulele-driven simple pop tune.

‘I Know the Rules acoustic ’15’, gives a new lease of life to a live stalwart from the Shortlist years (mid/late ’90s). We’ll update the archives with the original shortly…. you will hopefully enjoy this more considered approach.

Finally, the ‘final’ master of Saturation Point. Our friend Matt Nutall (MNTL) is putting the finishing touches to a remix as we write, which takes it in a completely new direction – as we’ve come to expect from Matt!

Enjoy for now….more to follow as always