Catching Up Over Christmas & New Year

Christmas and New Year has provided a little breathing space to add some more material to the ‘Very Latest’ page. We seem to have an ever increasing backlog to tidy up and post online, so there’s quite a few additions to the ‘Saturation‘ project this time. The very latest is the slightly unsettling ‘Bonfire of the Sanities‘ written in early November, with just a little influence from Guy Fawkes (in the title at least)! Others include the understated dance of ‘When You Get Back‘ from August 2014 and ‘The Girl Who Turned Me Grey‘ from 2012 (why has it taken so long for this one to appear?!). Elsewhere, there’s a heartfelt ‘One Eye‘ from New year 2014 and the foot-stomping ‘Reality (Do That Thing)‘ demo from February 2014.

We thought it was about time the dance remixes were collected together in a sister ‘Evaporation‘ project. A collection of self-remixes from Steve (‘One Eye Shut‘) and Matt Nuttall/MNTL (‘Desparadoes‘ and ‘Girl Who Turned Me Grey‘ alongside his remixes of ‘Last Chance or Nothing‘ and ‘Into Your Arms‘)… there’s also an experimental track ‘Your Black Heart‘ with a mystery guest vocalist.

Still plenty of catching up to do from 2014 (and before) –  a new studio track ‘Feel Alright‘ produced with AD Aiken will be added in early 2015 – and new ideas are never far away!

Have a prosperous 2015.