New Tracks – ‘Green Light’ and ‘Love In A Straight Line’

We’re not sure how often and why we’ll write posts, but if nothing else it will act as a diary for Faces Fall. More often than not, it will be the unveiling of a new track and this post we have two

Green Light

Written rapidly in April, starting out understated, with a ‘wild west’ verse riff and a melancholic building chorus. A couple of evenings  later the dance volume had been turned up and a simple catchy chorus cemented. A song about not being able to let go…


Love In A Straight Line

Started life in November 2013 – inspired by watching Johnny Marr play live at the Roundhouse – his song writing and guitar genius now complete with real front man presence! The words took a little longer, as the music was saying so much, but eventually words were weaved in and have taken control, and last night the first demo emerged.


The tracks have been added to the Very Latest page. Candidates for Saturation – the next  official release